KHK Plantation is the agriculture and plantation arm of the KHK Group. Founded by Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong, our goal is to advance the Malaysian durian industry to the global stage and redefine the durian agribusiness value chain.

Our diverse portfolio of plantations has allowed us to develop a long-term agribusiness with thousands of acres of landbank across Malaysia while consistently achieving targeted yield year after year.

With leading agricultural experience and technology, we seek to develop and manage our durian plantations and enhance the efficiency of agricultural production to produce top-of-the-line durians and durian related goods.



Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong is a prominent Malaysian Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist with a track record of leveraging on business opportunities and overcoming challenges. Famed for redefining bereavement care and pre-need life planning, his novel approach to operating a memorial park has transformed Nirvana Asia Group into one of the leading players in Asia’s funeral industry.

With the acquisition of thousands of acres of land across Malaysia, Tan Sri Kong sees a business opportunity in durian cultivation and export and is now set on accepting a new challenge. For the past few years, he has been putting together a team of agricultural experts from all over Malaysia and acquiring the experience and techniques of durian cultivation. Tan Sri Kong has been devoting himself to durian cultivation since 2019, setting in motion large-scale durian plantation covering thousands of acres.​

All the projects under KHK Plantation championed by Tan Sri Kong are a testament to yet another mission-critical undertaking that will elevate the technical know-how of Malaysia’s durian cultivation industry through big data collection. The goal is to overtake Thailand as the world’s number one durian exporter so that more people can experience the unique, delicate taste of Malaysian durian.