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Durian Forest Raub is located in the heart of Batu Talam, Raub, a district famed for its fine durians, with the golden ratio of weather, topography, soil quality, and rainfall volume for durian cultivation.

By utilizing the world’s leading Smart Precision Modern Farming framework and a significant amount of meticulous care, our cutting-edge cultivation practices allow us to carve out a path to a super-efficient and sustainable agro-ecosystem.

The aim is to elevate the Durian Forest project to new heights of success.

Project scale: 3,310 acres
Durian Cultivars: Musang King and others



Durian Garden was established in September 2016 with one goal in mind, to build a green, healthy, efficient, and sustainable agriculture production ecosystem. With our highly digitalized and advanced large-scaled durian plantation system, we are seeking to maximize returns from our durian trees. Durian Garden has since borne the most wonderful and flavourful durians in Malaysia.



Durian Forest Karak, situated in ChemomoiKarakis located in a district renowned for its excellent reputation in durian cultivation due to its favorable geographical position with a combination of ideal climatic conditions, fertile soil, and ample rainfall.

Durian Forest Karak is operated under a corporate structure with distinctly segmented departments filled with well experienced professionals in their respective fields including agriculture practices, engineering experiences, QC & IA to monitor onsite integrities. 

The mission is to establish and maintain exceptionally high standards in durian plantation operations, aiming to serve as a model for the industry and drive advancements while fostering the growth of the durian plantation industry in Malaysia.

Project scale: 3,424 acres ​
Durian Cultivars: Musang King and Black Thorn